Sales of property claims on Luna, Earth's Moon, by the Lunar Registry as sole agent of Lunar Republic, S.A., are conducted in accordance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative ("LSI")

Under the terms of the LSI, property claims on Luna may be offered to private entities* in order to finance the exploration, settlement and development of the Moon and its resources. Through this program, not less than 95% of the sale profits per acre** of property shall be deposited in an escrow account that shall be controlled by an independently elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, acting on behalf of the property claimants, shall be solely responsible for distributing and investing the funds in a manner that shall successfully accomplish the goal of returning humans to Luna.***

The LSI states that for a land claim to be granted legal recognition and certification, a human based settlement must be established and permanently and continuously inhabited on Luna. The location and population of the settlement may change as long as there continues to be an inhabited settlement within the claim. This settlement may include, but is not limited to temporary shelters and structures; mobile or moveable vehicles or assemblies, permanent facilities for research, mining, construction or human habitation, tourist accommodations and/or strategic emplacements.

Upon the recognition and certification of land claims, property owners shall be entitled to inhabit and develop their property in any manner, subject to any laws or statues that may be established by the sovereign and independent government of Luna, which shall be freely elected by its citizen.

Property ownership on the Moon shall be held as fee simple, with mineral rights extending to a plumb depth of five kilometers below the height of average terrain ("BHAT") to be determined by in situ engineering surveys.

Provisions shall be made for the respectful conservation and preservation of Luna's distinctive geographic features -- especially major craters, mountains and other unique formations - as well as the historic landing sites of earlier visitors from the Luna, Ranger, Surveyor and Apollo missions, as the legacy of all humankind.

*     Private entity: An individual, corporation or consortium of companies, which is not controlled by a sovereign state or government.

**   Acre: Equal to 43,560 square feet of 4,840 square yards in English measure. The metric equivalent is 0.4 (2/5) of a hectare (4,047 square meters.)

*** The balance of the proceeds (not more than 5%) are retained by the sales agent to cover basic expenses and payment processing costs, exclusive of any shipping and handling charges. These charges are paid directly by the customer and are not included in the price of the property claim itself. These charges may fluctuate depending upon the customer's choice of shipping method and other market conditions.

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